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Business & Economics

Water and Wastewater Utility Affordability – The Cape Coral Florida Experience PDF
Donald A. Forrer, Charles Ehart, Acie S. Forrer
Technology Roadmapping and Knowledge Creation PDF
Helmut H. Hergeth
Added Value In Luxury Brands Through RFIDs PDF
Helmut H. Hergeth, Mark Heinsch, Hartmut Rödel
Alpaca, Cashmere, And Branding What Does Fiber Contents Mean For Branding? PDF
Rhonda Sherman, Helmut H. Hergeth
Capital Structure Determinants of Thai Listed Companies PDF
Wanrapee Banchuenvijit
Climate Prosperity: A Greenprint for Southwest Florida PDF
Joseph Heinzman, Ken Sneeden, Katie Rhodes, John Avola, Frank Blake, Tammy Fiedler, Volodymyr Zakhvatayev
An Efficient Computational Algorithm Of Cryptosystems For Security Of E-Signatures PDF
H. Sudheendra, KNB Murthy
Developing Crisis Management Skills Through a Realistic Case Scenario PDF
Connie B. Budden, Michael C. Budden
Cost Accounting Implications Of The Increased Role Of Nurse Practitioners In U.S. Healthcare PDF
Paul J. Carruth, Ann K. Carruth
Corporate Social Responsibility Performance: An Exploratory Study Of The Impact Of Industry PDF
Margaret Andersen, David Hong
The Influence Of Coaching On Employee Perceptions Of Supervisor Effectiveness And Organizational Policies PDF
Joseph F. Rocereto, Joseph B. Mosca, Susan Forquer Gupta, Stuart L. Rosenberg
Assessing Usage And Maximizing Finance Lab Impact: A Case Exploration PDF
Magdy Noguera, Michael Craig Budden, Alberto Silva
Determinants Of Inter-Firm Cooperation: Empirical Evidence From Vietnamese Enterprises PDF
Nguyen Phuc Nguyen
Information Content Of Dividend Announcements: An Investigation Of The Indian Stock Market PDF
Shania Taneem, Ayse Yuce
Impacts of the Aggregate Economic and Financial Conditions on Output in An Emerging Economy PDF
Yu Hsing, Susan M. L. Zee, Michael C. Budden, Robert F. Cope III
Product Differentiation In Australian Grocery Stores PDF
Martin Meyers
Capital Structure Shifts Since 2008: An Empirical Investigation PDF
Rakesh Duggal
FED’s Impact On The Value Of Dollar Through Interest Rates PDF
Guclu Atinc, Yasmine Ocal Atinc, Matthew Uwakonye
Bundling of Congress Tourism and Other Alternative Tourism Activities:A Case Study for Istanbul and Sile PDF
Ozlem Inanc
Introducing The Representational Measurement Project In Accounting PDF
Saratiel Wedzerai Musvoto
The Role Of Measurement Theory In Supporting The Objectives Of The Financial Statements PDF
Saratiel Wedzerai Musvoto
Capacity Building For Entrepreneurship Education: The Challenge For The Developing Nations PDF
John F. Eze, Anthony C. Nwali
Transformational Decision Making: A Corporate Success Story in Purchasing PDF
Diane D. Galbraith, Fred L. Webb
Knowledge-Based System for Developing Bloom’s Taxonomy-Driven Syllabus and Assessment Instruments PDF
Naseer Ahmed, M. A. Anwar
Reaction Of The Small Businesses To The Financial Crisis: Experimental Results From Turkey And Kyrgyzstan PDF
Nurettin Can, Lutfu Sagbansua
Measuring The Impact Of FDI On Economic Growth In Nigeria PDF
Michael Segun Ogunmuyiwa, O.J. Ogunleye
Accounting For Business Sustainability: An Overview PDF
Mona Samy Talaat Abou-Taleb, Brian Gibson, Martin Hovey
An Appraisal Of The Determinants Of Timeliness Of Audit Report In Nigeria: Evidence From Selected Quoted Companies PDF
Temitope Olamide Fagbemi, Olayinka Marte Uadiale
IT, CSR And Industry Relationships: A Descriptive Study PDF
Margaret L. Andersen, Yongtao (David) Hong, Limin Zhang
An Empirical Study Of Market Orientation In The Life Insurance Industry In South Africa PDF
Kenosi N. Mokolobate, Yvonne Kabeya Saini
Lean Practices in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises PDF
Bin Zhou
The Relationship between Competencies and Career Development In Service Industry PDF
Yu-Chi Wu, Kuan Ying Chen
Effects Of Employee’s Personalities-Organizational Characteristics Fit On Employee’s Work Engagement Based On Person-Organization Fit Theory PDF
Yu-Chi Wu, Yi-Ting Liu
Effect Of Employee’s Proactive Personalities And Task Autonomy Characteristics Fit On Job Satisfaction Based On Person-Organization Fit Theory PDF
Yu-Chi Wu, Li-Chun Feng
Effects Of Premium’s Price On Consumers’ Internal Reference Price And Purchase Intentions PDF
Yu-Chi Wu, Li Jing Guo
The Effects of Hindrance Stress and Challenge Stress on Work-Family Conflicts and Burnout PDF
Yu-Chi Wu, Hao Su
Social And Tax Implications Of Planned Giving PDF
Naveen Malhotra, Amanda Smith
Policies For Effective e-Governance Initiatives PDF
Malek Elahi, Masoud Dehdashti, Reynaldo G. Alcid, Shokoofeh Keshtkar
Covered Interest Parity Deviations Between India And The US PDF
Vadhindran K. Rao
Business Expansion, Cost Management And Inflation Risk – A Case Study Of Pharmaceutical Entity PDF
Gajavelli Venkateshwara Swamy, S. Bohra
Breaking Down The Barriers To Organizational Change PDF
Stuart Rosenberg, Joseph Mosca
Risk Management – Unintended Consequences PDF
Michael E. Thorn
The Determinants of Executive Compensation in the U.S. Financial Sector PDF
Yi-Kai Chen, I-Hao Chen
The Cyclical Behavior of Bank Capital Buffers – Evidence for Developed and Developing Countries PDF
Yi-Kai Chen, Ching-Lan Hsu
Cabrini Ministries, Swaziland A Case Study PDF
Erin McLaughlin
Business Forecasting In The Real World: A Practitioner’s Perspective PDF
Manzoor E. Chowdhury
A Simulation Study Of Economic Production Quantity Lot Size To Kanban For A Single Line Production System Under Various Setup Times With Average Work In Process (WIP) Inventory Cost As Performance Metric PDF
Terrence J. Moran, John Stevens
Requirements For An Effective Entrepreneurial Manager – A Framework For Analysis PDF
A.M. Elamin, Diaeldin Osman
Factors Affecting The Social Responsibility Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises In Chiang Mai, Thailand PDF
Pakorn Udomthanasansakul
Using Accounting Information for Financial Planning and Forecasting: An Application of the Sustainable Growth Model Using Coca-Cola PDF
John C. Gardner, Carl B. McGowan, Jr., Susan E. Moeller
Legend Airlines: American Airlines’ Worst Nightmare? PDF
William B. Dodds, Kenneth A. Hunt
Using Spreadsheet To Programme And Generate ‘Individualised Accounting Questions’ PDF
Matthias Nnadi
Empirical Study On Consideration Of Automobiles: Feedback From Prior Purchase And Exclusivity In Shape PDF
Jung Seek Kim, Brian T. Ratchford
Export-Led Economic Growth In China? PDF
V.N. Attri
The “Bear Claw” Drywall Clips: Taking A New Product To Market PDF
Jerrold A. Van Winter
The Empirical Relationship Between Home Equity Borrowing And Durable Goods Purchases PDF
Norbert Michel, John Lajaunie, Shari Lawrence
The Defense Life Cycle Management System as a Working Model For Academic Application PDF
Philip E. Burian, Leslie M. Keffel, Francis R. (Skip) Maffei III
Measuring Course Competencies in a School of Business: The Use of Standardized Curriculum and Rubrics PDF
Jane Whitney Gibson
The Impact Of Entry And Competition On Departure Frequency PDF
Wilfred S. Manuela Jr.
Rethinking Depreciation As A Process Of Measurement: An Exposition Of The Incompatibility Of The Concept Of Depreciation With Representational Measurement Theory PDF
Saratiel Wedzerai Musvoto
Sustainable Markets: Case Study Of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. PDF
Dean R. Manna
Religious Fractionalization And Economic Growth: A Bayesian Errors-In-Variables Model PDF
John Levendis
Estimating Financial Failure Of The Turkish Banks Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Mumtaz Ipek, Ufuk Bolukbas, Emin Gundogar
Micro Enterprises In Inner-City Communities: Current Challenges And Viability PDF
Arup K. Sen
What Kind Of Capitalism For Azerbaijan? A Comparative Analysis From Economic View PDF
Ayhan Guney, Ilkin M. Sabiroglu, Cihan Bulut
Enterprise Risk Management for Fishing Tournaments PDF
George L. Hunt, Violet C. Rogers, Jack R. Ethridge
Effects Of Zoning On Housing Option Value PDF
Prathamesh Muzumdar
Effects Of Perceived Career Support And Affective Commitment On Work Engagement PDF
June M. L. Poon
Changes in the Development Process of Mobile Phone Applications Bring Opportunities for Developers and More Options to Consumers PDF
Kristen M. Maceli
Fortune 500 Companies And Their Supplier Diversity Policies PDF
Sarah D. Stanwick
An Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Capacitated Hub Location Problem PDF
Ji Ung Sun
Globalization And Industrial Football Management PDF
Selim Ozdemir
Measuring an Information Security Awareness Program PDF
Michael Wolf, Dwight Haworth, Leah Pietron
Looking East: Yin And Yang Of An Academic Exchange PDF
Claire Reeves La Roche
Measuring Emotional Intelligence At The Workplace PDF
Susan Thomas, T J Kamalanabhan
The Accounting Concept Of Measurement And The Thin Line Between Representational Measurement Theory And The Classical Theory Of Measurement PDF
Charmaine Scrimnger-Christian, S. Wedzerai Musvoto
Corporate Reputation and Social Responsibility: An Analysis of Large Companies in Croatia PDF
Neda Vitezi?
Today’s Program Is Brought To You By The Letters – Debit And Credit And By the Number Income PDF
H. Francis Bush, Vonda K. Walsh
Time Orientation, Materialism, And Debt: The Impact On Consumer Behavior PDF
Russell Adams, Clara Downey
The Interpretation of “In Context” Verbal Probability Expressions Used in International Accounting Standards: A Comparison of English and Chinese Students Studying at English Speaking Universities PDF
Safrulizani Mohd Salleh, John C. Gardner, Zunaidah Sulong, Carl B. McGowan, Jr.
Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Performance in Developing Economies: The Nigerian Experience PDF
Olayinka Marte Uadiale, Temitope Olamide Fagbemi
Convergence On A Global Accounting Standard For Leases – Impacts Of The FASB/IASB Project On Lessee Financial Statements PDF
Bob G. Kilpatrick, Nancy L. Wilburn
Assessing Track-And-Field Performance Measures: Do World Record Performances Matter? PDF
Michael C. Seeborg, Allison Fisher
Exploring Occupational and Strategic Drivers of Individual Customer Orientation PDF
Türkan Dursun, Ceyhan Kilic
Internet Valuations and Economic Sustainability PDF
Chris Rose
The Transitory Nature Of Real Estate Agents PDF
Ali M. Jubran, Bennie D. Waller
The Estimation Of The Appraisal Valuation Function Using Taguchi Loss Functions As An Aid For Property Comparable Analysis PDF
R. Bryan Kethley, Brian J. Reithel
Considering Jumping Ship? A Pirate Looks At Retirement PDF
Bob G. Kilpatrick
A Tale Of Two Countries: What The United States Can Learn From Brazil About Reducing Its Dependence On Foreign Oil PDF
Robert B. Matthews, Eric Steglich
Bankruptcy: To Plan or not to Plan PDF
Clara Downey
The National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility And Reform: How Its Report Can Impact Marginal Tax Rates PDF
Steven R. Ferraro, Richard W. Powell
The National Commission On Fiscal Responsibility And Reform: How Its Report Can Impact The Roth IRA PDF
Steven R. Ferraro, Richard W. Powell
The Global Liquefied Natural Gas Trade: Role And Trends PDF
Abdul Waheed
An Analysis Of The Healthcare System In Massachusetts And Vermont PDF
Rachel Phillips, John Lin, Jennifer Christian, Patience Panneflek, Mark Jones, Hannah Choi, Samuel Chuah
Segmenting Large Agricultural Producers Based On Buyer Behavior PDF
Maud Roucan-Kane, Michael Lau, Corinne Alexander, Michelle Mullins, Art Wolfskill, Allan Gray
Market Segmentation PDF
Gillian Coote Martin
Xtranormal In The Classroom: Screenwriting To Identify Student Weaknesses In The Retention And Understanding Of Basic Economic Principles PDF
Russell Engel
First Price Auctions, Lotteries, And Risk Preferences Across Institutions PDF
Russell Engel
Internet of Things PDF
Wesley J. Meier, Gregory W. Ulferts
Underlying Factors Contributing to Presenteeism and Absenteeism PDF
Tammy Prater, Kim Smith
The Impact Of Urbanization On Fertility Among The Igbos Of Nigeria, West Africa PDF
Remigius U. Onwumere, James F. Gilsinan, Emmanuel Uwalaka, Roy Stewart
Prediction Of US Listed ADR Firms Selection Of Accounting Principles PDF
Arsen Djatej, Grace Gao, Robert H.S. Sarikas, David L. Senteney
Analysis of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions: Legal Implications of Conducting Business in Saudi Arabia PDF
Macgorine A. Cassell Macgorine A. Cassell, Rebecca Blake
Shareholder Empowerment: Pre-Post Communication/Decision Making Approaches to Say on Pay PDF
Rebecca Blake
Robust Detection Of Child Gender Bias Based On Consumption Of Adults Goods PDF
Feridoon Koohi-Kamali
Universal Transfers, Distribution of Welfare Change, Inequality & Poverty: Estimates from a Wartime Iranian Budget Survey PDF
Feridoon Koohi-Kamali
The Wide Accounting Theory And The Yu-Enthoven Diagram PDF
Carlos Antonio De Rocchi, Antonio Reske Filho
Analysis of Hofstede’s 5-D Model: The Implications of Conducting Business in Saudi Arabia PDF
Macgorine A. Cassell, Rebecca J. Blake


Enhancing Collaborative Project Work And Educator Coordination With Google Wave PDF
Aeric Wong
MAST Model – Dissertation Mentor Asset Strengths Traits Model PDF
Kimberly D. Blum
A Case Study On Issues And Perspectives Of Academic Administration In Leading Private Business Schools In Jaipur (India) PDF
Manoj Kumar
Experiential Education at Work on Campus PDF
Rodney Jacobson
The Role of Higher Education in Personal Relationships PDF
Amanda Lemoine, Alexandra Mayer, Arletta Gordon, Melanie Johnson, Michael C. Budden
Faculty Development Programs as an Important Element of the Modernization of Russia’s Higher Education PDF
Galina Zhukova, Armine Shahoyan
Marketability Of The Joint-Degree MBA Programs In Russian Federation PDF
Armine Shahoyan, Manya Ziroyan
Changing The World, One Student At A Time PDF
Todd Culp
Teaching Cost Accounting Logic Using Cost Flow Diagrams PDF
Katherine J. Silvester
Using Wikis To Develop Summary Writing Abilities Of Students In An EFL Class PDF
Saovapa Wichadee
The Impacts of Cooperative Learning on Anxiety and Proficiency in an EFL Class PDF
Ornprapat Suwantaratip
Psychological Motives that Jordanian Physical Education Students Acquire from Participating In Group Discussions PDF
Sadiq Khaled Alhayek
Determining The Value Of On-Line Homework PDF
Geoffrey Tickell
Practice Degree Of Life Skills Competencies Which Are Needed For Teaching University Courses From College Students’ Perspectives In Jordan University PDF
Hala Al-Shawa
English Language Teaching At The Primary Level: Foundations For Bilingualism Or Not? PDF
Rachel Lalitha Eapen
Difficulties And Challenges Involved In Mentoring Pre-Service Teachers Of English In Turkey PDF
Nurdan Gürbüz
iPads In The College Composition Classroom: A Pilot Program At The University Of Texas At Tyler PDF
Ann Beebe
Teaching The “Digital Mix”: Some Lessons From A College In Québec, Canada PDF
Mary Frankoff, Martine Peters
Voodoo Secrets and Spells in the Classroom: How to Use Popular Culture as an Effective Teaching Tool PDF
Alexandra Reuber
The Use of Online Dictionaries and Electronic Dictionaries PDF
Zola Chi-Chin Lai
Managing Educational Change: Technology Integration In Teacher Education PDF
Tarkan Gürbüz
It is a Small World After All: Teaching Business Ethics in a Global Environment PDF
Connie B. Budden, Michael C. Budden
The Effect of Academic Inbreeding on Scientific Throughput: A Case Study From Turkish Technical Universities PDF
Özlem Inanç, Onur Tuncer
The Perceptions Of Academic Integrity By Students And Faculty In Private And Public Universities PDF
Stephen S. Batory, Anne Heineman Batory
eLearning for a 21st Century Learning Environment: Jefferson County Educational Service Center – Virtual Learning Academy PDF
Maribeth Arlia
The Impact Of Vocabulary Acquisition Techniques Instruction On Students’ Vocabulary Learning In An EFL Class PDF
Wiwat Orawiwatnakul
The Effectiveness Of Using Blended E-Learning In Developing Student Teachers Teaching Skills PDF
Fahad Abanmy, Hisham Barakat Bishr Hussein
The Use of Portfolios to Aid in Student Development through the Teaching and Learning Process PDF
Tim Andera
Enhancing Vocabulary Instruction For English Language Learners In K-12 Classrooms PDF
Deanna Nisbet
Using Television Documentaries To Teach Introductory-Level Business Courses PDF
Elaine D. Guertler
The Pre-Kindergarten Learning Enterprise (PKLE) PDF
Kahina Lasfer, Art Pyster, Brian Sauser
Globalization of Higher Education in the United Arab Emirates PDF
Sepideh Mahani, Arman Molki
Nascent Leadership Behaviors PDF
Dennis L. Payette, Anthony F. Libertella
An Evaluation Of The King Abdullah II Award Program For Physical Fitness In The Governorate Of Irbid From The Viewpoint Of Teachers In Jordan PDF
Ali M. Al-Deiry, Mazen Hatamleh
Factors Effecting Retention And Satisfaction Among Accounting And Marketing' Major Students At Dammam Community College; An Evidence From Saudi Arabia PDF
Rashid Ali Khan, Diaeldin M. Osman
Pre-Service Teachers Perceptions Of Early Field Experiences PDF
Ann Weiner
‘Playing To Your Strengths’: Empowering Students Through Choice Of Assessment Approaches PDF
Geraldine O’Neill
Using Academic And Advising Cohorts To Support Undergraduate Students: One University Program’s Efforts PDF
Allen Guidry
Animating The Curriculum: Integrating Digital Storytelling (Animation) Into The Classroom PDF
Hsiao-ping Chen
TechnoSped On The Move PDF
Pam Felder
Attitudes Of Saudi Universities Faculty Member Toward Using Learning Management System (Jusur) PDF
Hisham B. Hussein
The Trends Of Saudi Scholarships Students To Use The Internet In Learning And Their Training Needs Required To Use It PDF
Mohammed Sanat Al-Harbi
Peer Editing in the 21st Century College Classroom: Do Beginning Composition Students Truly Reap the Benefits? PDF
Lindsey M. Jesnek
Profiling Pre-Service EFL Teachers’ Beliefs On Language Learning PDF
Sibel Ariogul
Preparing Teachers to Enhance The Education Of Diverse, Rural Students With Special Needs PDF
Anne Y. Gallegos, Heather Garner-Becknell
Adopting an Experiential and Problem-Based Philosophy in Teaching Business Statistics Viability PDF
Jennifer J. Edmonds
Visionlearning: A Free E-Resource For Science Education From The Process Perspective PDF
Nathan H. Lents, Anthony Carpi
Beyond Immediacy: Integrating Information Literacy With Historical Research To Teach Lessons Learned From The 20th Century To Millennial Students PDF
Rita P. Fleming-Castaldy
Unexploited Efficiencies In Higher Education PDF
Henry C. Erying
Education And Emotional Intelligence PDF
Jeff Jarosinski
The Case for Non-Public Teacher Preparation Programs PDF
David Karell, John Luster
Experiential Learning in an Organizational Leadership Program PDF
Joann Bangs
An Activity-Based Costing Manufacturing Simulation: Using LEGO® Blocks PDF
Katherine J. Silvester
The Learning Theory Jungle PDF
Robert L. Minter
Learner-Centered (LCI) Vs. Teacher-Centered (TCI) Instruction: A Classroom Management Perspective PDF
Mary Kennedy Minter
The Effect Of Violence On Education Along The Texas-Mexico Border PDF PDF
Kelly C. Payne
Job Satisfaction For Public Schools` Principals in Jordanjor PDF
Nawaf Mosa Shatnawi
A Literature Review Of Literature On Teacher Efficacy And Classroom Management PDF
Waitshega Tefo Smitta Dibapile
Management Through Classic Cinema PDF
John M. Mankelwicz
A Pillar For Successful Business School Accreditation: Conducting The Curriculum Review Process – A Systematic Approach PDF
David E. Gundersen, Susan Evans Jennings, Deborah Dunn, Warren Fisher, Mikhail Kouliatsev, Violet Rogers
Leaving No Child Behind In An Era Of STEM Competency PDF
Heraldo Richards, Timothy Forde
How Close Is Too Close? An Examination Of School Quality And Proximity PDF
William B. Lewis, Bennie D. Waller
Equal Opportunity In Education – One Way To Reduce Poverty PDF
Catalina Scortescu
Everything That New And Adjunct Business Faculty Members Should Ask About Exams, Grades, And Cheating, But Don’t Know Enough To Ask PDF
Rick Berschback
Role Rules!!! Roles and Rules in Role Based E-learning PDF
Roni Linser
New And Upper Level Political Science Course Preparations: A Discussion Of Challenges And Opportunities At The Teaching-Oriented Institution PDF
Kimberly M. Richburg
Leveraging School Unity for Competitive Advantage in India PDF
Manoj Kumar
Teaching Methods: What Do Students Want? PDF
Mohammed Saleh Banihani
Are We Giving MPA Students The Information Technology Skills They Need? PDF
Cynthia Conrad, Charles Coleman
Perceptions Of Texas Public School Superintendents Regarding Online Teacher Education PDF
Neil T. Faulk
Standardized Testing In The Case Of China And The Lessons To Be Learned For The U.S. PDF
Osman Özturgut
Teaching and Working with Students with Disabilities in Higher Education: A Phenomenological Study PDF
Gregory W. Smith, Katlyn E. Yorks, Michelle T. Conklin
Incorporate Music in the Economics Classroom PDF
Jane Aw Yang Huey
The Relationship Between Self-Regulated Learning Strategies And Academic Achievement For College Students PDF
Abdullah Almoziraee
Generative Interviewing Techniques And Integrative Eportfolios Bring Student Knowledge To The Forefront PDF
Gail R. Luera, Melissa R. Peet

Engineering Education

A Fuzzy Topsis Approach For Logistics Center Location Selection PDF
Burak Erkayman, Emin Gundogar, Gökay Akkaya, Mümtaz Ipe
Solving Bilevel Toll Optimization Problems By A Direct Algorithm Using Sensitivity Analysis PDF
Vyacheslav V. Kalashnikov, Nataliya I. Kalashnykova, Roberto C. Herrera Maldonado
Pooled Regression To Classify The US Natural Gas Market PDF
Vyacheslav V. Kalashnikov, Gerardo A. Pérez-Valdés, Nataliya I. Kalashnykova
Natural Gas Cash-Out Problem: Solution With Bilevel Programming Tools PDF
Vyacheslav V. Kalashnikov, Stephan Dempe, Gerardo A. Pérez-Valdés, Nataliya I. Kalashnykova
Natural Gas Cash-Out Problem: Solution With Bilevel Programming Tools PDF
Vyacheslav V. Kalashnikov, Stephan Dempe, Gerardo A. Pérez-Valdés, Nataliya I. Kalashnykova

Health Sciences

Ignoring the Elephant: Demographic Dissimilarity in Hospitality Service Encounters PDF
Jane Petrick
Opportunities to Improve Population Health Resulting from Health Reform Legislation PDF
Bernard J. Healey
Grade Inflation PDF
Dian Susmarini, Yati Sri Hayati
A New Curriculum For Higher Education Of Health Professional In Brazil: Analysis Of An Interdisciplinary Model PDF
M.A. Layza Castelo Branco Mendes, Andrea Caprara, H. Julian Vasquez Heilig